D.Yirginのエネルギー近著「The Quest」

“The Quest” for Energy Security: The Search for More Oil and Its Alternatives
by Daniel Yergin of Cambridge Energy Research Associates

Opinion, arguments & analyses from the editors of Scientific American, By David Biello 2011
Mottanai: it’s a Japanese term that translates as “too precious to waste.” It’s the philosophy that guides the island nation’s approach to natural resources like energy, and it has become particularly important as the meltdowns at Fukushima have resulted in roughly 25 percent of Japanese electricity supply disappearing as other nuclear reactors remain shutdown.・・・・

もったいない」=Mottainaiについても説明する、著名なD.Yerginの近著「The Quest」ですが、「地球は有限、資源は質が全て」を理解しないようです、そのため最後、結論まで迷走する「楽観的エネルギー論」でした。800ページの大作ですが、残念なことです。


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